Are You Ready?


Foreign debt, hunger, and poverty,

all this i inherited, is my property,

coloured i am though bodily,

my life lifeless is colour free,

for mine is an underdeveloped country.

Educated i may be of the first rate,

unemployment keeps waiting at the college gate,

for it has become the inevitable fate,

all my dreams, hopes, and ambitions brave,

are to be dumped in the deepest grave,

for, my country is corruption’s slave,

Opportunism, favouritism, selfishness and greed

with all these qualities my leaders lead;

With cast and creed as qualifications to succeed,

a generation of corrupt officers every year they breed,

all these public servants are serpents indeed,

swelling with the vanity of power and post,

hissing at public of their venom they boast.

Disappointed with them to religion i move,

for when distorting to a society its politics proves,

religion comes forward to its condition improve,.

Civilisations thus balanced on the Time’s rope move.

But Religion today too helpless proves,

as out of a common man’s reach it moves.

for, Religion is to him what the preachers preach,

of the most sacred law’s severest breach.

For preachers today are preachers no more,

wickedest of the world’s creatures they are,

for, thriving on Religion tis religion they mar.

Religion is and instrument granted by that God great,

granted to love and peace proliferate,

but they it’s meaning antithetically dictate,

provoking people to among themselves discriminate;

to discriminate among those whom He as equals creates.

Dividing thus people and Nations great,

they their own petty states create

pretending to be God’s truest slaves,

with utmost hypocrisy these knaves behave.

As their ways to the crowns with Human flesh they pave..

My country alone is not unsound

as i grew and looked around,

the whole world unjust and unequal i found,

i found West just thriving on East,

Like a healthy parasite on an Unhealthy beast,

Be it colonialism, Imperialism, or Factionalism insane,

all their policies same meaning contain,

spreading diseases of despair and disdain,

eager to suck whatever remains.

In the name of peace its domination maintains.

But this condition won’t perpetual remain,

for Suppression Rebellion’s seeds contains,

But this friction of drastic consequences will prove

as towards a bleak future the world with its arsenals moves.

Remember if used they will not discriminate,

and Earth with its inhabitants in seconds annihilate.

But still ‘O’ friend it’s not too late,

till the last bird of Opportunity lies,

but hurry as it stretches its wings to fly,

seize it now or never again,

for it our revival’s chance contains,

Stay! as it’s difficult unless together we try

you come forward and here am I

We will on its wings to the Love’s land fly,

from there some shades of Life to buy,

remember these shades should be bright and grand,

for, we have to paint an entire new land.

A land where none from hunger will die,

not an infant of murdered parents will cry,

where whites and blacks alike in Equality’s cause die,

where everyone for others’ welfare will try,

morale of humanity will be higher than sky.

no matter we’ll have to pay prices high

for now its a matter of do or die.

My dear this old world now needs a new frame,

so let us indulge in this beautiful game

or our successors will find only us to blame.

Are you ready?

Written on:  25 November 1992.

This was the first piece of writing that made me realise i could write something that rhymed.

The lines seem still relevant as a young girl of sixteen, from Africa, orphaned, forced out of her studies and into prostitution, recently befriended me on Facebook in the hope i’ll have enough money to get her out of her dismal situation, i pity myself that i haven’t been able to so far, but try i will to the best of my ability… May I succeed!

When humans are in such pitiable state who allows and ensures the majority of our resources are invested into building arms and fighting, and equal amount into talks and treaties to ensure those horrific arms are never used against anybody, why build them in the first place.?

If a fraction of that amount is spent on Human development, to ensure there is amity rather than animosity, amongst humans of various colours, races, religions, to put an end to situations conducive to terrorism. I am sure a new world can be built, here and now.

This blog is an effort to invite like minded, civilised, loving people from around the world who care to outgrow the centuries old limitations, thrust upon us. Willing to shed their divisive beliefs and to evolve into Humans, just Humans.

If the Native of a city was Citizen, those who belong to the Universe must call themselves Unizens, Let us all look beyond our cities.

Let us all evolve into Unizens. Let us unite, become one, not to be divided and ruled again. as they say… United we stand.


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